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  • Жареные семечки и ядра Fried seeds
  • Семечки Гулюшки Sunflower seeds Gulyushki
  • Семечки для жарки Raw sunflower seeds for frying

OOO Kalita-FOODS, the owner of Skovorodkino brand, is an established company with 13 years experience. We are proud to be one of the most reliable suppliers of calibrated and roast confectionary sunflower seeds. The distribution net of our sales comprises 10 Russian Federation regions.

Why cooperate with us?

 - More than 13 years experience

- Our own logistics

- Vast storage facilities and elevator

- Mulilayer package allowing to preserve product's natural taste and smell

- Thorough organoleptic and laboratory raw material and product control

We guarantee our partners the marketing support and membership in our loyalty programs. The delivery is effected to the customer's warehouse by the supplier’s transport.